Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition which can cause redness to the face, visible blood vessels in the face, and dry, scaly patches of skin.The breakouts may look similar to acne and may cause stinging or burning sensations. Although rosacea is not dangerous, it can have a significant effect on a person’s self-esteem. Fortunately, at Dermatology Solutions we offer many general dermatology treatment options for rosacea. Our team medical professionals carry the knowledge and expertise to treat your symptoms. We believe in helping our patients get the treatment they need quickly and easily which is why we offer same day appointments. Contact us today to schedule yours.

Causes and Treatment Options

While a clear cause of rosacea is unknown, there are common elements that may trigger flare ups. Hot, humid climates and emotional stress are two conditions that many patients with rosacea say will cause their rosacea to flare up. When treating rosacea medicated ointments may be prescribed. In other cases, antibiotics may be necessary, and a dermatologist may recommend exploring other treatment options like dermabrasion, electrocautery or even laser light treatments. 


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